If it seems too good to be true

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Scams have resulted in people being used as money mules and risking criminal prosecution… Financial scams are now widespread and come in a variety of forms. What they offer may look appealing and be presented by people who seem plausible, but scams have resulted in people being used as money mules and risking criminal prosecution or losing substantial amounts of …

Auto Enrolment limits published for 2019/20

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The qualifying earnings band and earnings trigger amounts for auto enrolment have been published. The earnings trigger for 2019/20 will remain at £10,000 and the qualifying earnings band will be £6,136 – £50,000. The automatic enrolment earnings trigger determines who is eligible to be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension by their employer in terms of how much they earn. …

Taxation and Allowances

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The personal allowance will increase from £11,850 to £12,500 in April 2019, a year earlier than originally planned. The threshold for paying higher rate tax will also rise from £46,350 in 2018-19 to £50,000 in 2019-20. Although there had been speculation that major changes to pension taxation might be in the offing, these didn’t materialise. However, the Lifetime Allowance will …


Volatility & Brexit

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Volatility is all part and parcel of investing in the stock market. 2018 saw the market experience lower volatility, as confidence grew, but in 2019, the bounce back in volatility was pronounced as unease over global events increased. To help navigate market volatility, it’s best to stick to your plan, diversify your holdings and very importantly, expect and accept volatility. …