Clients with a Power of Attorney in place

Matthew Barrand Inheritance

Estate planning options can be limited where a power of attorney is in place. Any decisions made by the attorney will need to be in the best interest of the donor on whose behalf they’re acting. Planning will of course depend on the donor’s circumstances and wishes but making lifetime gifts or settling assets into trust is typically difficult, especially …

Young adults struggle to understand the mortgage process

Young adults struggle to understand the mortgage process

Matthew Barrand Mortgages

It is hardly a secret that young people face significant barriers on their way to purchasing their first home. Quite apart from prohibitive house prices and stringent affordability criteria, a lack of understanding of how the mortgage process works is also holding them back. According to a survey by Paymentshield, 52% of adults aged 18–34 say they have a fairly …

Investing through the ages

Matthew Barrand Investment

Creating plans and setting goals are important at all stages of life, even if they inevitably change as we progress through life’s journey. Similarly, investment strategies also need to adapt as we move from one life stage to the next. Twenty and thirtysomethings Arguably, financial decisions made in early adulthood are more important than any other and the key one …