Do you have savings that are currently attracting low interest rates? Do you utilise your annual ISA allowance?


Would you like to have a review of your investment portfolio and give us the opportunity to provide you with ideas of benefiting from tax-free investments / obtaining better growth on your current investments and managing risk?

We understand that you have worked hard for your money and we feel it is important that your money works hard for you.

Everything you do involves risks.  As you go through the day, you will constantly make decisions that balance these risks against the possible rewards. Investing is no different.  When it comes to activities such as skiing, cycling or driving, its clear what the risks are.  It’s also fairly easy to balance them against the rewards, such as fun, fitness, money-saving and convenience.  Although it can sometimes be harder to recognise, there’s always a balance between risk and reward in your financial decisions as well.  Even a ‘safe’ investment like a deposit account comes with the risk that your interest won’t keep pace with inflation.

We use a risk profiler devised by Towers Watson, a global professional services firm with expertise in the areas of risk and capital management. These risk questionnaire results will help us to understand your attitude to investment risk and form the basis of a discussion with you about how to invest your money. We will work closely with you to ensure that any investment decisions you make are suitable for your personal circumstances.

Investments can be put in place with an auto-rebalancing facility, which despite sounding like something your mechanic might undertake, is a facility that ensures your investment profile is automatically maintained on either a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. This means there is no need to be constantly monitoring your investments or sending us manual investment instructions.

Another concept is ‘Funds of Funds’ which in easy terms means you can tap the expertise of managers behind investments worth billions! For investors, a Fund of Funds provides a convenient one-stop shop and provides already made portfolios managed by professional whose full-time job is to scrutinise the markets.

Aaron Tawny - Independent Financial Advice :: Investments & Savings

We also have access to model portfolios designed by Old Broad Street Research (OBSR), a well established and reputable fund ratings agency. OBSR research produces a suggested portfolio of funds relevant to each asset allocation model. They have no vested interest in recommending funds from any particular fund management house. On a regular basis OBSR update these suggested portfolios to reflect current Fund Manager ratings to match the latest version of the asset allocation models.

Investment planning is an ongoing activity. As time passes, your attitude to risk or the scope and timescale of your investment goals can change. Other factors affect the progress of your investment journey. Regular contact means we can keep each other up to date with such factors and take appropriate action to alter your investment strategy if necessary.

Depending on the level of service you select, we will review with you:

  • The performance of your portfolio
  • Your risk profile
  • Whether the asset allocation in your portfolio is aligned to your latest profile result
  • Options for action to ensure your portfolio remains allocated to the right mix of asset classes
No action may sometimes be the most appropriate option

As you can see there is plenty to discuss when looking at investments, so please utilise our knowledge and experience and call us.