Clients with a Power of Attorney in place

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Estate planning options can be limited where a power of attorney is in place. Any decisions made by the attorney will need to be in the best interest of the donor on whose behalf they’re acting. Planning will of course depend on the donor’s circumstances and wishes but making lifetime gifts or settling assets into trust is typically difficult, especially …

Young adults struggle to understand the mortgage process

Young adults struggle to understand the mortgage process

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It is hardly a secret that young people face significant barriers on their way to purchasing their first home. Quite apart from prohibitive house prices and stringent affordability criteria, a lack of understanding of how the mortgage process works is also holding them back. According to a survey by Paymentshield, 52% of adults aged 18–34 say they have a fairly …

Investing through the ages

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Creating plans and setting goals are important at all stages of life, even if they inevitably change as we progress through life’s journey. Similarly, investment strategies also need to adapt as we move from one life stage to the next. Twenty and thirtysomethings Arguably, financial decisions made in early adulthood are more important than any other and the key one …

Triple lock changes for 2022–23

Matthew Barrand Pensions

After much speculation, in September, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, confirmed suspension of the average earnings component of the pension triple lock to avoid a disproportionate rise of the State Pension following the pandemic. For the 2022-23 tax year only, the new and basic State Pension will increase by the higher of either 2.5% or the consumer …

‘Noise’ blocking – good for your portfolio

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It’s easy to feel bombarded by the constant cycle of negative news headlines or ‘noise’, which can add to your anxiety about how your investments are doing and uncertainty as to whether your investment strategy is on the right course. It’s important to try and block out this noise which could influence you to make hasty or erratic investment decisions. …

Help to Buy ISAs explained

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Help to Buy ISAs were launched at the end of 2015 to give people the incentive to save for a property, with some extra help from the government. You can save a maximum of £12,000 into a Help to Buy ISA and, in return, get a total £3,000 in bonuses. You’re restricted, however, to paying in £200 per month, topped …

Interest in equity release

Matthew Barrand Equity Release

More than half (57%) of homeowners have expressed interest in releasing equity from their property, according to the Equity Release Council. Across all ages, the most popular reason is to boost pension income and savings, followed by paying for care support at home.

Amendment to minimum pension age rules

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On the 4th November, the government published the Finance Bill 2021/22 which includes an amendment to the normal minimum pension age rules that apply in advance of the change from 55 to 57 in 2028. The minimum age at which people can access their pension will increase from 55 to 57 from 6 April 2028, except for those with a …

Should you overpay on your mortgage?

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Some families have found it easier to save more than normal during the pandemic, due to reduced outgoings on things like commuting, holidays and entertainment. If you have a mortgage, overpaying is one option worth considering. Benefits of overpaying In a low-rate environment, savings rates are likely to be lower than your mortgage rate, so any overpayments are likely to …


Sorting out your mortgage during divorce

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Divorce can be an incredibly stressful time for couples and the financial impact it can have only adds to the pressure. The number of couples getting divorced surged by almost a fifth in 2019. Although data for 2020 has not yet been released, after the strains of the last year or so, unfortunately, it would hardly be surprising if this …