Interest in equity release

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More than half (57%) of homeowners have expressed interest in releasing equity from their property, according to the Equity Release Council. Across all ages, the most popular reason is to boost pension income and savings, followed by paying for care support at home.

Innovation and flexibility drive equity release growth

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Product options more than double in 2 years: 139 in August 2018, up from 58 in 2016. Number of homes in England bought with a gift or loan from family or friends reaches a new high of 1.1m. New Customer numbers driven by increased product flexibility and more competition in the market as people seek to meet pressing social needs …

Using Equity Release to purchase a new home

Matthew Barrand Blog, Equity Release

Chris Davies (71) and his wife Ruth (70) have lived in the same property for 34 years. Chris has started to suffer with arthritis and has found that negotiating the stairs in their home and the general maintaining of the property more and more difficult. Because of this, they have been looking at moving to a bungalow in the same …

A growing role for advice

Matthew Barrand Blog, Equity Release

A long-running survey carried out by thinktank the International Longevity Centre found that those who took financial advice between 2001 and 2007 had significantly higher savings than those who did not. If you’re approaching retirement, having a financial MOT now could help you put in place the plans you need to provide effectively for your financial future. Utilising Equity release …

Equity Release – proof it isn’t all bad!

Shaun Love Equity Release

We have previously posted blogs about Equity Release, what it is and how it is an improving market for customers. This blog will give you a very brief example of how Equity Release is improving for the benefit of its’ customers. The background As with mortgages, providers are identifying a need to make the products they offer competitive. Alongside this, …

Equity Release plans – Are they safe as houses?

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Equity release plans have, for a long time, been poorly thought of by many members of the public. However, the industry and regulators have made a real effort to improve its image and ensure plans are as safe as possible. The plans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and many of the providers now belong to the Equity Release …

Is Equity Release right for me?

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What is equity release? Equity release is a growing market with more and more people, who are approaching retirement, realising their pensions may not enable them to live the lifestyle they would like to. Equity release enables you to release some equity held in your home enabling you to enjoy some of the finer things in life. You can raise …