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Pensions Dashboards Programme- progress update report

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The vision of the Pensions Dashboards Programme could not be simpler. Its aim is to enable individuals to access all their pension information online, securely and all in one place, thereby supporting better planning for retirement and growing financial wellbeing. However, the delivery challenges underlying this vision are significant even more so in the current circumstances. Delivering this valuable service …

Pension Withdrawals

Pension Withdrawals hit record in Q4 2018

Matthew Barrand Pensions

Payments made under the pension reforms of 2015 have steadily climbed and hit 628,000 in the final quarter of last year, up from the  121,000 in the second quarter of 2015 when the reforms took effect. Interestingly, the average withdrawal dropped to a record low of £7,197 in Q4, down from £7,597 in the  previous quarter. This could be a …


UK pensioners get a worse deal than Colombians

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Pensioners in the UK languish way down the table when it comes to the quality of pension  provision offered to the poorest and the self-employed. They’re worse off than counterparts in countries like Colombia, Chile, Australia and Germany. However, they do enjoy better benefits than those available in France, Italy, Spain and the US.  This article was featured in a …

Your Pension: Are you losing out by not moving?

Shaun Love Pensions

Research conducted by a leading pension provider has discovered that consumers nationally have lost £130 million because they have remained with their current lender. What does this mean for you? The research found that those who are not looking for the best deals with their pensions could be missing out on thousands of pounds in retirement. Ultimately, this means a …

Triple Lock – what is it and what does it mean?

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With the recent general election and the jockeying for our votes beforehand there was some discussions had in relation to our pensions. Specifically, there was much debate around the triple lock. This blog aims to help explain to you what the triple lock is, how it works and how it affects us. In simple terms, the triple lock is a …

Pension Freedoms Simplified

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The introduction of Pension Freedoms in April 2015 led to greater flexibilities. However, some people think they are now too complicated and lead to more confusion, therefore feel they could benefit from independent financial advice. Recent research conducted by some of the biggest pension providers found that more people are interested in the options now available due to Pension freedoms. …

Should your family business consider a SSAS?

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A SSAS is a Small Self-administered pension Scheme which typically doesn’t allow more than 11 members and must be supported by a Ltd company. Due to the small nature of the scheme, it lends itself well to small or medium sized companies that are typically family run. One of the reasons a SSAS may be suitable for such companies is …