Making the annual allowance work for business owners

Making the annual allowance work for business owners

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Running a successful business is hard work, so it’s  understandable that most entrepreneurs are much  more focussed on the here and now rather than  planning for their retirement. As business fortunes fluctuate, this is where carry  forward can come to the rescue. In more prosperous  years, it allows clients to play ‘catch-up’ by paying  much larger contributions into their pensions …


UK pensioners get a worse deal than Colombians

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Pensioners in the UK languish way down the table when it comes to the quality of pension  provision offered to the poorest and the self-employed. They’re worse off than counterparts in countries like Colombia, Chile, Australia and Germany. However, they do enjoy better benefits than those available in France, Italy, Spain and the US.  This article was featured in a …

Baby Boomer Trends

Trends in baby boomer retirement plans

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Living through decades of increasing prosperity has undoubtedly given baby boomers a lot of advantages, but they can also face a number of challenges. Today, many feel pressured into working past their normal retirement date, often because of the number of demands being made on their finances by their families. If they are unable to work, they can have concerns …

Mortgages into Retirement

Shaun Love Mortgages, Retirement

Mortgages have historically run for 25 years. They have over time developed and many lenders offer terms from between 5-35 years. However, some lenders are now allowing you to mortgage your property well into your retirement. How does it work? Lenders will assess affordability based on your current circumstances, which for many people, will result in greater levels of affordability, …