Taxation and Allowances

Matthew Barrand Blog, Tax

The personal allowance will increase from £11,850 to £12,500 in April 2019, a year earlier than originally planned. The threshold for paying higher rate tax will also rise from £46,350 in 2018-19 to £50,000 in 2019-20.

Although there had been speculation that major changes to pension taxation might be in the offing, these didn’t materialise. However, the Lifetime Allowance will increase in line with the Consumer Prices Index to £1,055,000 for 2019-20. The annual ISA limit of £20,000 remains unchanged for 2019-20. The dividend allowance of £2,000 remains unchanged, as does the personal savings allowance of either £1,000, £500 or £0 (according to marginal tax rate).

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